I have experienced soreness or illness in the past after certain treatments such as Reiki and Massage. Why is this?

After receiving a Reiki treatment or attunement as well as a massage, it is quite common to experience something called a healing crisis as your body is getting rid of toxins. In other words, you might feel a little worse before you feel better! I think of it as a great sign and that your treatments are doing exactly what they need to be doing! You will eventually feel awesome!

Specializing in anxiety, chronic pain and stress relief

What kind of things can Reiki help with?

Acid Reflux, Addiction, Arthritis, Back pain, Blood pressure, Bruising, Burns, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Disc degeneration, Dry scalp, Earaches, Emotional healing, Fibromyalgia, Headaches, Infection, Joint Pain, Migraines, Muscle spasm, Poor circulation, Post-accident pain, Pre-accident pain, Pre-surgery relaxation, Post-surgery healing, Shin splints, Shoulder pain, Sports injuries, Tennis elbow, etc.

Common Questions

Is Reiki a religion?

Although energy is spiritual in nature, Reiki is not a religion. You will never be asked to change any spiritual beliefs you may have, and you are free to continue believing whatever you choose during your Reiki treatments.