Reiki Treatment

$60 for 60 min

Reiki is a form of Japanese relaxation therapy using a light laying on of hands. It has no relation to any religion and is used by many all over the world. It helps immensely with chronic pain, high blood pressure and anxiety among many, many other things. It is perfect for all ages and stages. Babies to seniors! I am a Certified Reiki Master Teacher through the Usui System of Natural Healing.


Chinese Dry Cupping

$30 a session

Chinese cupping is a method of creating suction on the skin to pull out toxins and get stagnant blood and energy flowing. You may have even seen celebrities walking around with those little purple marks on their backs. It helps with so many different ailments like muscle pain, asthma, bronchitis, and stress among other things. There is bruising on the skin (usually on the back), but it goes away usually within 5 days. You can do treatments pretty much as often as you would like. Once or twice a week is highly recommended for people with chronic pain.

 Purchase 5 sessions for $150 (savings of $25) These can be divided up to other family members or give a session to a friend!

Emotional Release

$60 for 60 min

Emotional Release allows you to release feelings of pain, guilt, sadness and anger (without having to say a word), helping you to heal on many different levels. Through life we experience pain and trauma and it lays dormant creating disease and discomfort in our lives. Clients have reported feeling at peace and having closure after a session. It may take more than one treatment depending on the person.

Full Body Sugar Scrub

$70 for  full body / $30 for  back Only

Sometimes you just need someone to hit those spots that are hard to get yourself! Enjoy a full body sugar scrub and remove all of those dead skin cells to reveal brighter and smoother skin! The scrub is followed by a moisturizing mini massage! Ahhh... Divine...

Chakra Balancing

$30 for 30 min

Our Chakras are our energy centers. When they become unaligned, we can suffer from fatigue, weight gain, loss of creativity, illness, mood swings and much more. It is important to your health and well being to keep them aligned.

Specializing in anxiety, chronic pain and stress relief

*Disclaimer and Notice

My services are strictly professional. If I feel you are acting inappropriately at any time, either on the phone or in person, you will not be scheduled an appointment. My holistic practices are also meant to be complimentary to medical practices, therefore if you need medical attention you should seek a licensed physician. I do not claim to diagnose nor cure any disease. Thank you.

*Serving Online and in Norwalk, Sandusky, Vermilion, Huron, Cleveland and Toledo areas!

The Ultimate

$85 for 90 min

The Ultimate will combine Reiki, Reflexology (performed on the areas of the feet needing the most attention),and Relaxation Massage.

Wellness Visit

First consultation is free! (30 min) $30 for 30 minutes

I will take this time to have you fill out questionnaires about yourself and lifestyle so that I can make recommendations and suggestions on changes that will help you reach your health and fitness goals. Let me help you figure out where to start! These are also perfect visits if you are looking for a natural treatment to a problem you have or a diagnosis given to you by a medical doctor. Skype sessions also available! Payments can be made by contacting me over the phone 419-217-9565.

You can purchase gift certificates through the link below. Simply enter the amount you wish to give and then send me a quick text at 419-217-9565 or email me at just to confirm who they are for and if you would like something emailed or mailed to you. You are always welcome to make your own or pick one up from me as well!

Therapeutic Massage

$60 for  60 min

$85 for 90 min

Whether you just need to relax or have major pain complaints, let me help you feel like new again with a glorious massage to soothe away your aches and pains. Every human is different and I treat the person uniquely. I do my absolute best to listen to your needs and what you like and do not like. I am very happy to include modalities such as Hot Stones, Cupping, Gua Sha and Reiki as complimentary if it helps you .Your healing is my priority.

Holistic Facial

$60 for  60 min

Lay back and relax while enjoying a gorgeous holistic facial designed to leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. I use various modalities such as Gua Sha and Facial Cupping that help to get your lymphatic system moving. I use gentle cleansers, detoxifying clays, gentle exfoliants and hydrating moisturizers to leave your skin glowing and radiant.


$30 for 30 min

Reflexology uses the reflexes in your feet or other body part to send messages to your brain in effect healing those parts of your feet or other body part.



I want healing to be accessible to everyone and so I offer packages that you can keep to yourself or share with friends and family members.

4 - 60 minute treatments of your choice $190      ($50 savings)

4 - 90 minute treatments of your choice $270     ($70 savings)

You may also buy treatments in bulk for holidays. It works out to $47.50 per 60 minute treatment or $67.50 per 90 minute treatment! Add $10 for sugar scrubs.