"I just wanted to say thanks again for a great experience. I slept really well last night"

-Leah L (Reiki student)

"My son would get sick all of the time with strep throat. It seemed like we were in the Drs. office every other week for antibiotics. While that helped the infection, William would be in extreme pain. One night William was in so much pain that I called her asking if there was anything she could do to help. She made a mix of herbals and told me how to prepare them into a tea. She told me what was in the mix and what each herb did. She is so smart and definitely knows her stuff! I did what I was told and her tea mixture brought relief for William. At the same time my in-laws were visiting and my FIL was getting sick with a cold. Rebecca made a mix for him and he felt immediate relief. We believe the duration of his cold was shortened due to Rebecca. She is a life saver!"

-Elizabeth H

" For the first time, I am finally able to lose weight without killing myself. I am having an easier time with this journey than I have ever had with TOPS, Weight Watchers and even some of the Beachbody products. This is just right for me and I'm so thankful."

-Molly W

"Rebecca worked with me to help me lose weight and find a healthier lifestyle. The only time I could work out was in the early morning. Rebecca would meet me at the local HS track where she would put me through various cardio and strength training workouts. She was encouraging and attentive and pushed just the right amount, always motivating me. She gave me tips on how to incorporate healthy eating into my busy life. She is very knowledgeable in the fields she practices in, always striving to further her knowledge through continuing education. She is also incredibly personable and friendly. I would recommend Rebecca in an instant!"

-Katherine T

Reiki and Emotional Release quotes from clients.

(Clients granted permission to use them)

"After months the pain in my shoulder and elbow is gone. I can even sleep on that side now!"

"Ever since my treatment I have had the best night's sleep in a long time and I have even started dreaming after years of not dreaming."


" After crying every time I had contact with my ex, I spoke to her the other day and I was able to hold a conversation with her and it didn't bother me one bit!"


"Something released inside of me. I feel, at peace now."

- DW

" You know what - this is really strange, but I almost thought you maybe sent me a distance attunement. At one point yesterday, I almost felt like a breath behind my neck and chills run up my spine. It was weird, but I thought I would let you tell me if you actually did instead I was just imagining it."

" I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders since our class. Thank you for sending the distance Reiki. I can definitely tell you it worked."

-Megan R (Reiki student)

Specializing in anxiety, chronic pain and stress relief